Between 3.30pm – 6pm.

Who is eligible for childcare place?

All parents of children that attend Pilgrims’ Way School will be eligible to apply for a place.

What is the fee for a week in the After School Club?

The fees are £25 per week or £5 per day.

The fees are £15 per week or £3 per day. (free school meals)

Where can I find information about the child tax credit?

You can ask in school or you can contact the Southwark children’s information services on 0800 0130 639 or

Can I get a refund if my child does not attend a full week?

The school does not give refunds for fees.

Fees are accepted on a weekly or daily basis and should be paid in advance. Should you choose for your child not to attend a full week, payment for a full week will still be due.

Can my childcare place be withdrawn?

The childcare place may be withdrawn if a) you refuse to pay outstanding fees or b) you persistently fail to collect your child on time or c) the club is unable to meet the needs of the child after an assessment has taken place.

How does my child get to the club safely?

The after school staff will ensure a safe handover from school to After School Club. All children under the age of 8 will be collected from their class and taken to the After School Club.

All children will be signed in on the register when they arrive at the club.

What happens if I am late collecting my child?

You or the authorised person must collect your child on time at the end of each session. We have a late collection policy, which you will be asked to sign. Children will not be allowed to go home alone.

What activities can my child get involved in

Children can take part in a range of activities and events such as music, dance, drama, sports, arts and crafts, computing, story telling and cooking. Most activities are based on the school premises but we also organise educational and sporting activities. Parental consent will be required.

Does the club have any rules about unacceptable behaviour?

Yes! We have a strict policy which says that the school will not tolerate behaviour such as swearing, bullying, fighting, abuse to others or racist and sexist behaviour.

Does the club provide any refreshments?

Yes! Snacks are included in the daily charge

Who can I contact if I have any question or concerns about the After School club?

You should contact the school office.

Bellenden Primary School

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