Bellenden School Uniform Policy

Statement of intent

Pilgrims’ Way Primary School is committed to promoting equality and value for money and to ensuring that no child is discriminated against due to their religion or belief, economic circumstances or social and cultural background.  This policy contains provisions to meet these objectives and has been created with health and safety, value for money and practicality at its heart.

Additionally, it is important that our pupils feel a sense of belonging to our school.  We believe that wearing a smart and practical uniform allows all children, regardless of their backgrounds, to feel equal to their peers and confident in their appearance.

We believe that it is important for children to wear clothing that is conducive to a successful learning environment, including activity-appropriate clothing, such as sports attire.

Roles and responsibilities

The Governing body is responsible for:

  • In consultation with the Head teacher and school community, establishing a practical and smart uniform that accurately reflects the school’s vision and values.
  • Ensuring that equal opportunities are considered regarding the school’s uniform and that no person is discriminated against.
  • Listening to the opinions and wishes of the parents/carers, pupils and the wider school community regarding changes to the school uniform.
  • Ensuring that the school’s uniform is accessible and affordable.

The Head teacher is responsible for:

  • Enforcing the school’s uniform on a day-to-day basis.
  • Ensuring that school staff understand this policy and know what to do if a pupil is in breach of the policy.
  • Listening to the opinions and wishes of the school community regarding the school’s uniform and making appropriate recommendations for the Governing board.

Parents/carers  are responsible for

  • Providing their children with the correct school uniform as detailed in this policy.
  • Informing the Head Teacher if their child requires a more relaxed policy for a period of time, including why.
  • Ensuring that their child’s uniform is clean, presentable and the correct size.

Pupils are responsible for:

  • Wearing the correct uniform at all times, unless the Head Teacher has granted an exemption.
  • Looking after their uniform as appropriate.
  • Respecting why a small uniform is important to the school e.g. to develop a sense of belonging.

Cost and Availability

In accordance with the School Admissions Code, Pilgrims’ Way school ensures that the School Uniform Policy does not discourage parents/carers from applying for a place for their child.

The school is committed to meeting the DFE’s recommendations on costs and value for money.

Every care is taken to ensure that our uniforms are affordable for all current and prospective pupils and that the best value for money is secured through reputable suppliers.

The school does not amend uniform requirements regularly and takes the views of parents/carers and pupils into account when considering changes to school uniform.

Where changes are required, the school ensures that assistance is provided to parents/carers struggling to meet the associated costs.


The school is required to ensure that this policy does not discriminate unlawfully.

The school endeavours to ensure that our uniform is gender neutral and inclusive as possible.  We do not insist that children of any sex must wear specific items of clothing. 

Complaints and challenges

The school endeavours to resolve all uniform complaints and challenges locally and informally, in compliance with the school’s Complaints Policy.

To make a complaint, parents/carers should refer to the Complaints Policy and follow the stipulations outlined.

When a complaint is received, the school works with parents/carers to arrive at a mutually acceptable outcome.

School Uniform Supplier

APT/Trutex – Rye Lane 46 Rye Lane, Peckham, London, SE15 5BW – 0207 252 8029

Your school uniform –


If a child is wearing inappropriate footwear, teaching and/or support staff will inform parents/carers by telephone or in-person.

Individual family circumstances will be considered in the event that a child is not wearing the correct uniform.  However, in accordance with our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy, these should be recorded using our electronic recording system ( CPOMS) where appropriate. 

Our Uniform

The school endeavours to ensure that our uniform is as gender neutral as possible.

The uniform is as follows:

  • Red sweatshirt (with or without the school logo) or blue cardigan (with or without the logo)
  • White polo shirt (with or without the school logo) or white shirt
  • Grey or black trousers (or grey or black shorts in the summer)
  • Grey or black skirt (in summer a red and white summer dress may be worn)
  • Black shoes or trainers

P.E kit

  • White or red t-shirt
  • Black shorts or jogging bottoms
  • Trainers


The only permitted jewellery that may be worn is:-

  • One pair of stud earrings (no other piercings are permitted)
  • A sensible wristwatch (not a smart watch)

Jewellery is the responsibility of the pupil and not the school.  Lost or damaged items cannot be refunded.

All jewellery must be removed during practical lessons such as P.E lessons or swimming lessons.  If children cannot remove their own earrings, then this should be done at home on the day of P.E.

School Bags

Pupils must use an appropriately sized waterproof bag to carry their books and equipment.  It should hold children’s books and reading diaries comfortable without causing any damage.

Large bags/ large rucksacks are discouraged for day-today lessons due to space on children’s pegs.

The school encourages pupils to bring non-valuable bags to school and isn’t liable for any damaged or lost school bags.

Water Bottles

All children should bring a water bottle into school every day; this can be refilled by children whenever necessary during the day.

Water bottles must be labelled with the pupil’s name.

Adverse weather

Hot weather

Everyone working at/ attending the school during hot weather conditions is required to wear sun-safe clothing that covers as much of their skin as possible.

This includes wearing:

  • Loose fitting tops with collars or covered necklines
  • Tops that cover the shoulder area
  • Grey/black shorts or pale blue and white summer dresses of an appropriate length (if families wish to)
  • Sun safe hats
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Sunscreen (Children need to be able to apply this themselves.)

During hot weather, lightweight clothing is required to reduce the risk of overheating.  Pupils are not required to wear their jumpers/cardigans during during heatwaves.

Cold weather

During cold weather, pupils are expected to wear coats when they are outside and it is strongly recommended that they also wear hats, scarves and gloves.

Additional layers underneath the usual school uniform are accepted.

Where possible, pupils not wearing warm clothing are provided with spare clothing if going outside during break and lunch times.


School staff encourage good organisation of clothing and footwear, for example, designated spaces for children to keep belongings in and checking of labels.  All pupils’ clothing and footwear should be appropriately labelled with their name.

Clothing and footwear is the responsibility of the pupil and not the school.

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